Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day I found out...

(This is a post from my personal blog & i wanted to put it on his blog for when i make a book)

October 3, 2008: So i know i said i would post on friday once we found out what we are having but i just didnt get around to it. We went to the doctor friday afternoon & found out we are having a BOY. we spent almost 2 hours there because they couldnt get a good look at his heart with the position he was in... so they made me walk around, touch my toes & nothing seemed to work. Finally the Dr came in and said the heart didnt look right and that they couldnt get a good look at it so she wanted me to go to a different doctor on Monday so they could try and get a good look at the heart to make sure everything was okay.

October 6, 2008: So back i went on Monday afternoon. This time i was by myself & thinking that it wasnt going to be a big deal... was i wrong though. I spent another 2 hours there since he was in the same position but finally they got a good look at his heart. when the doctor was done looking he said clean up and ill talk to you in my office. thats when i started to kinda panic. i knew something was wrong. so i got cleaned up and went to his office. So i sit down and he just starts telling me that the baby for sure has a heart defect. Basically there are two things wrong with it. he is missing one of the main arterys that comes off the heart that gives his body blood. He is supposed to have 4 chambers to his heart but they only see one side to it. So he is telling me all this and i dont say a single word the whole time... i hate crying in front of people and it took everything in me to not break out in front of this guy. so finally he was done explain and said he wants me to come back tomorrow to meet with a different doctor so we could start planning & so she could do an AMIO on me. i say okay & set up the appointment and leave. As soon as i opened the doors to walk outside i completely lost it. i dont think i have ever cried that hard in my life & i couldnt stop.. finally i called alvin and that just triggered it again when i had to tell him what happened.

October 7, 2008: Then it was back again the next day. Luckily Alvin was able to get off work to come with me so i felt alot better about going. He is my rock & just having him there holding my hand made it soo much easier. We meet with Dr Ponkey & she was able to give us a little more info the next day which was nice. She couldnt tell us what the chances are of our little guy surviving but she said the heart defect he has is rare and they dont see it very often. So we have to go meet with some heart specialists at St Joes hospital on tuesday and they will be able to tell us if its fixable with surgery or if theres nothing we can do. Dr Ponkey did do an amio on me, thats were they stick a needle in your stomach and pull out some of the babys fluid from aruond it. That was pretty painful & i was sore for 24 hours after. However i got a call back yesterday from a doctor and she said that so far that test has come back normal but we are still waiting for the rest of the results.

I just have to tell our families THANKS YOU so much for the phone calls, emails, texts, etc.. We have the best families ever!! i dont know what we would do without them. Our little guy has alot of people who already love him so much & want whats best for him.

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