Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bottoms Bonanza Party

I had to blog about my latest trip to Old Navy. I got to take 3 friends & we each got to pick out a bottom & a pair of shoes! I got selected to do what is called a 'Sample Share' from the website and this awesome sample share gave us the bottom & shoes for free at Old Navy! Woo hoo!
So... we all tried on about 5 or 6 outfits and they were all so cute & stylish. I ended up getting this cute dress for summer. I loved the way it fit & how comfy it was.

I also tried on some cute white pants. These were also really comfy & i think i may go pack this week & buy them. Perfect beach look if you ask me.

I took my sister Amanda with me as one of my friends. She looks great in anything she tried on. I loved her in these white shorts & comfy t-shirt.

This is my friend Mandy! She is soo awesome & i was soo excited she came with us. She tried on some cute skirts & jeans. She ended up getting a cute pair of Jeans in the end. Soo fun shopping with her.

My good friend from high school got to come as well. Amber is soo fun & i LOVE her to pieces. She is super petite & makes everything look good. She tried on some cute shorts & skirts & ended up getting this beauty:)super cute on her!

Monday, February 8, 2010


i got to go snowboarding with the jr last week & it was such a blast. Alvin & I both got to board for free so we couldnt pass up the chance to go. i didnt get to go last year since i was pregnant so i was a little worried about getting back on my board but its just like riding a bike! i just love boarding... it was fun to go with my two little sisters too. they are going to be good boarders....

Me & Emma

Maryssa & I

silly silly face kinda got cut off.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Video of Lewis

Add Image this is mostly for the grandparents. we finally got fast internet so i can upload videos! isnt lewis the cutest kid u have ever set eyes on??? i sure think so...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas & New Years 2009

We had such a great Christmas & new years. we were able to spend christmas eve with the Pease family & christmas day Lewis & I drove up to heber to be with all my family. i didnt take any pictures while we were up north. im sad because my parents had the biggest tree & i didnt even get a picture of it with Lewis... i really need to do better about taking pictures & recording special events.

here are some pics from christmas eve & new years.

Lewis playing with a musical reindeer. he thought it was hillarious...

story time & hot cocoa with grandma Lewis.

hanging out.

passover dinner. this was soo cool!

NEW YEARS at the Pease's. enjoying some cider & candy..

Lewis playing with grandpa..
Sydney & Lewis. cutest kids ever!!
aunt myreel pushing Lewis in the baby stroller.
he loves when grandma gives him baths.. he makes the silliest faces.
soo happy when he is in water

look at those big chompers he has!!
we had fun doing a puzzle..

Lewis playing with a police car. he is just like dad!

Feeding the Ducks

I love taking Lewis to the parks on days that the weather is nice. its so fun & we both enjoy getting out of the house. the park we go to has lots of ducks & pigeons. i seriously got a little scared when we started feeding them & like a hundred pigeons flew from outta nowhere. they r brave & will eat right outta your hands.

seriously look at all of them! they were everywhere & would eat a whole piece of bread in like 2 seconds. they would have ate the bread bag if i let them...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rillito River Run

wow i cannot believe how far behind i am on updating my blog. On December 11th i ran i my first ever 10k (6.2miles) race. It was super fun & i got to run it with my mom which made it even more fun. it was in Tuscon so we headed down friday night & stayed with my aunt lorayne who also ran in the race with us. Friday night we went to Winterhaven. A whole neighborhood goes all out & decorates for christmas. they close down the roads thru the neighborhood because of all the people who go to see the lights. here are my favorite houses.

this house was cool. they had the water going off to christmas music.

a gingerbread house. love it..
My beautiful mother, lil sister maryssa, lewis & me

Lewis & momma
of course he was sick of the stroller so i carried him most the time.
so happy!! he loved all the lights.
so now on to the big race. i was soo nervous since it was my first race & i didnt know what to expect. it was pretty hard the first 3 miles but once i made it past mile 3 it got a little easier for some reason. i just tryed to keep up with some girls ahead of me. they got farther & farther away though... but i still did great. i finished in 53 minutes. an average of 8 min 40 seconds per mile. i finished 3rd in my age group & 23rd overall. i won $10 bucks to dicks sporting goods for taking 2nd in my age group (even though i really took 3rd the girl who took 1st overall was from my age group so they dropped her so therefore i got 2nd place prize).

the group before the race.

me after the race. waiting for my mom.


mom finishing strong.

the group after the race! we did it!!

it was so cute having Lewis there waiting at the finish line. for some reason he kept laughing at me for no reason. i musta looked really funny or something.
seriously how cute is he.

so now i am training for another 10k in february. Its for a great cause & alot of my family is coming to run in it also. All proceeds from the race will go to The Congenital Heart Foundation at St. Joseph's to help families who are battling tough defects. It will help provide Transportation costs so parents can be at the hospital as much as possible (gas cards & bus passes), help w/ bills, and provide a fund for those who lose a child & need help w/ creamation or casket expenses). im so excited to run for such a good cause. im even more excited to have lots of family & friends come run in it. We will also be celebrating Lewis's 1st birthday. wow i cant believe its almost been a year. so anyone & everyone come run in the race then join us for a birthday bash! go here to get more info on the race & to sign up.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Phoenix Zoo

Monday we were able to go to the Phoenix zoo. The weather was soo nice. we hadnt been in soo long. we went & stayed the whole day looking at ALL the animals. Alvin didnt want to waste the money we spent to get in so he had to get his moneys worth. it was a long day but Lewis was soo good & i think he enjoyed all the fresh air.

Lewis was soo excited he got to sit on papas shoulders.

checking things out, while im checking them out. i just LOVE these two.

Lewis & his silly faces. he is such a goof ball

all pooped out. sleeping with his zebra uncle Trey gave him.

feeding the goats. he wanted to grab them soo bad.

fun day at the zoo!!