Friday, March 13, 2009

Andie Grace

our neighbor Andie Grace was taken off life support this morning & she passed away in her mommas arms. Please say a prayer for her family as this is an especially difficult time for them. Saying goodbye to their little girl is hard, but we know that she is in a wonderful place and at peace.


  1. Speechless! Heart wrenching! Our thoughts and prayers are with Andie Grace's family as well as yours.

  2. How terribly sad to hear. How old was Andie Grace? We love you guys and you are in our constant prayers. When can we come visit?
    P.S. We love you and Little Lewis. He is a sweet miracle baby. I'm so happy you got to hold him and that he gets to be swaddled up again.

  3. My heart just broke as I read her blog. We made sure we remembered them during family prayers tonight!