Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family & Friends Visit

Every day we had either family or friends visit us at the hospital. It made the three weeks go by soo quick. Thanks everyone for coming to visit & keeping us company. Here are pics of some of the visitors we had come to the hospital.

Grandpa & Grandma Tenney

Emma, Maryssa & Trey

Auntie Kimmy

Amy & Kort


This whole experience has made me realize just how important family really is. Im so grateful for the knowledge i have of Forever Families!! what joy this brings me to know i will be with the ones i love forever. I dont think i can thank you all enough for all you guys have done for our family this past month... We Love you ALL!!!


  1. It was good to see you for a minute the other day. He is such a cutie! We lov eyou guys and we continue to pray for you all!!!

  2. he honestly is a perfect looking baby. i think it's so cute how he's totally staring at your dad in that picture. i'm so happy to hear all of his improvements!

  3. I love the pict of him and Stratton!!! Would you mind buring all the picts you have so far onto a disc and i'll come get it from you PLEASE! Im so happy to hear you guys are still home and doing well. Cant wait to see you soon. Love you

  4. I hope things are going well for you guys at home! We got to come home last Wednesday, and we are absolutely loving it! We are thinking of you guys and hope to see updates of Lewis soon! Take Care!

  5. It is so great to see Mr. Lewis outside the hospital world! I hope your swallow study goes well on the 6th. Those feeding tubes are annoying!!! We are hoping to bring Ethan home on the 6th. . . And I am scared to death. We have a ridiculous amount of medical "stuff" we are coming home with too. Just to go to appointments I have to take a monitor, feeding pump, oxygen, suction (for the trache). He has more stuff at home! We have both definately been introduced to the heart world. My appreciation for heart moms is huge.
    Good luck and loves
    Heidi Skidmore