Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lewis went into surgery around 8:15 this morning. He went on bypass around 10:00 & we havent heard anything else yet & its been almost 3 hours. im going a little crazy waiting & not knowing whats going on downstairs with my little guy.
Also after reviewing the Cat Scan the doctors found another complication with Lewis's heart that just makes it even more difficult to fix... We already knew he had a double outlet right ventricle, VSD (a hole between the two ventricles) & an interrupted aortic arch. Then yesterday they informed us that his two many arteries are transposed so that makes it even more difficult to fix. The surgeon said his surgery is one of the most complicated surgeries they can perform so that didnt make us feel any better. Also he mentioned risks of doing this kinda surgery such as him having strokes or seizures, his kidney going bad or holes in his heart... Just basically to expect anything & everything could possibly happen once surgery is done. It will truly be a miracle if our little guy makes it thru all this... The first 24-48 hours are the most crucial so ill be sure to try & keep everyone updated.

The good news is they are going to attempt doing all the repairs at one time..
We have put our trust & faith in the Lord & know it is truly the will of God & we need to have faith & align our wills accordingly. This has been very difficult for Alvin & I to see our first child going thru so much pain & suffering. If we could switch spots with him we would in a second. We have soo much love for Lewis & are so grateful he is ours FOREVER & we will be an eternal family.

We again want to thank ALL the family and dear friends for the support, prayers, fasting & love to help our family through this difficult trail.

enjoy these pics of our little guy! we think he is the cutest baby ever...


  1. Hey Alvin & Jessi, (I'm Lacee - Tiff's friend - I haven't seen you in years, but Tiff keeps me updated on the fam) I just wanted to let you know that you and baby Lewis have been in our thoughts and prayers! Little Lewis is so adorable! I know that what you are going through is so difficult and the waiting is excruciating! It is my hope and prayer that all will go well today and that you will have the comfort to know he is being watched over. What an amazing little boy who has been blessed with amazing parents who love him so much!! Our hearts are with you!!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with they have been for over the past week! Please keep us informed and let us know if there is ANYTHING at all you need of us. We would love to bring you guys lunch at the hospital if you are up for it.

  3. Your sweet little family has been our minds a lot these last couple of weeks and continues to be as Lewis is in surgery. We pray that everything goes well today and the next few days. He is such a handsome little man and looks like a fighter! We love you guys so much.

  4. Alvin and Jessi, You guys are amazing! It is so hard to see your little guy going through so much. Be strong and keep the faith. Little Lewis will bless your family for many years. I know that through the prayers of family and friends we have been able to get through the hard times with Derik. We will keep you in our prayers. Take care and give the little guy a kiss for us. Love Spencer and Kelli.

  5. Alvin and Jessi, I just wanted to let you know your sweet little family has been on my mind for days. You guys are amazing to me. You have such great faith.We are praying for you all to have comfort to know it's in the lords hands. You guys are an amazing couple!What a sweet little spirit you have been blessed with! Love you guys! Nicole Reidhead

  6. Lewis is truly the sweetest little baby I have ever seen! Your family has been in our prayers and will continue to be! I can't imagine all that your family is going through! We love you guys!
    Brennon & Amber

  7. He is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so grateful that I was able to see you all yesterday. You can just feel how amazing Lewis is. You and Alvin never cease to amaze me. Your faith is amazing and has strengthened me so much!! I love you sweet niece. I wish I could just take this all from you. I love you!!

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  9. Alvin & Jess, We wanted to let you know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Your faith and strength through these trials is so inspiring to us! You guys are awesome!

    Jared & Melanie Greer