Monday, October 5, 2009

Lewis at 7 months.

i cant believe my baby is 7 months. i dont even think i can call him a baby anymore. he is growing up faster than i would like. last time i updated he was still loving his bouncer & swing. those have long been put in storage. we have upgraded to a walker & he loves to sit up & crawl. yes crawl. he isnt fast yet but he can get around pretty good. so he no longer wants to just sit still in my arms & be held. he is sooo sooo active. i have a feeling he is going to keep me very busy once he starts walking.
he looks like a big boy in this pic.

last week lewis was really fussy & was running a fever. i was soo afraid he was getting the flu so we took him into the drs just too be safe. while we were in the waiting room i was soo paranoid he was going to catch something from one of the other kids. he is soo happy & smiley that other kids want to play with him & touch him. so i was pretty rude when the kids came over to us. i was shocked that the parents would even let the kid come near us since he was sick. ugh. i hate going to the drs. anyway the dr checked him out & he didnt have a virus so i came to the conclusion that he was just teething. and sure enough 2 days later his teeth are starting to show & i can feel them when he chews on my finger. thank goodness it wasnt anything serious.

here we are at the drs. i have major sacks under my eyes. probably from the fact that lewis was so fussy i had like 4 hours of sleep the past couple days. he looks happy as always.

lewis also loves to stand. i always hold him while he stands against stuff & he loves it. the other night i put him to bed then i went in to check on him & he was standing up holding onto the railing. so apparently he can pull himself up. what next?

also we got new family pictures! a friend of Alvins (amanda) took our pictures as a gift for us. soo sweet right? she is the nicest person & soo very talented. if anyone needs family pics shes your girl! see more of her work at
she is also doing a giveaway so enter to win on her website!! u might get lucky.
these are just a FEW of my favorites!

tell me what pics are your favorites. i want to blow some up for Lewis's room & around the house. so let me know what ones you like best.


  1. These pictures rock!! I need to go get family pictures done! I love the picture with Lewis in the grass in those overalls! He's so cute! I'm SO jealous he's sitting up and crawling! London has a lot of catching up to do!

  2. Umm probably every one! Those pics are amazing. You guys have such a beautiful family. Little Lewis is adorable. I can't believe he is already 7 months and crawling... It goes by so fast. How exciting. Happy 7 months Lewis :)I am the same way with kids at the dr... or anywhere for that matter. Especially right now. It is a scary time to have little ones. Glad to see you guys are doing good... hopefully we get to see you soon!

  3. Those pics are FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!! Love every stinkin' one! What a cute and loveable baby you have (he is totally GORGEOUS) and it isn't fair that EVERYONE in your fam is so photogenic.

  4. I love the pictures! You have a super model family! and you look sooo gorgeous! You give me hope that I can look good after having a baby! Lewis is sooo adorable too! He is so smiley! We really need to get together soon! We miss you guys!

  5. i'm PRETTY sure you should blow up every single one of them to at least an 8x10. YEP, every last one of them. they are all so pretty and colorful and vibrant. i love them. i can't pick a favorite.

  6. Those are amazing pics! I love the colors! Just awesome! So glad that he didn't get sick! Teething can be awful too though. Blah!