Friday, January 29, 2010

New Video of Lewis

Add Image this is mostly for the grandparents. we finally got fast internet so i can upload videos! isnt lewis the cutest kid u have ever set eyes on??? i sure think so...


  1. SeriouslY??...THAT IS NOT ALLOWED!!!!!! I love that boy!

  2. How cute is he!! How fun. How old is he now? Ten months? Adalie started walking around 10 monts.. it must be a Lewis thing.. How adorable!

  3. How cute is he?? He looks too small to bea walking already! Time flies. Treyden needs to kick it in gear! haha. He is not even trying. I really don't mind that he is not walking yet... less work for me!

  4. holy cow he is so stinking cute!!! We need to get together sometime, but we will have to wait for Ms. Katelyn to get over this stupid cold:) Love ya girl and can't wait to see you:)