Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tender Mercy

So im really late on posting about this but its something i dont want to forget. After I had Lewis i got to hold him long enough for us to get a family photo before the nurses took him away to get all his medications & ivs going etc... since he was hooked up to soo many things they wouldnt let me hold him while he was in ICU. He was in the ICU unit from feburary 24th to the 26th. While he was in that unit we were only able to visit him a few times a day & we could only have 2 people at a time go in to see him. This was soo hard on me & i would basically cry myself to sleep just wishing i could hold my baby. The day i got released from the hospital was especially hard because i had to go home without my beautiful baby in my arms. Even though i knew long before Lewis was born that he wasnt going to come home with me after he was born didnt make it any easier.
Finally the night i got released we got a call that Lewis was moving from the ICU unit the the PCTICU unit. He would have his own room & we would be able to stay with him 24-7!!! i was soo happy we would be able to be with our baby as long as we wanted...but i still hadnt gotten to hold him & that was just killing me.
Friday evening we had gone home for the night so we could get some sleep since its pretty hard to sleep at the hospital with all the beeping of the machines & nurses coming in. I was getting ready to pump before i went to bed when i realized i had left all the pumping equipment at the hospital. So Alvin & i hurried to the hospital to pick them up. After we got all the equipment & were getting ready to leave the nurse asked me if i had held Lewis since he was born. I told her that i hadnt & she said she was going to ask one of the doctors if it was okay if i held him. A few minutes later she came back & said i could hold him but we would just have to be very careful not to pull any of the wires out. My heart just rejoiced as i finally got to hold my baby for the first time since he was born. She said i could hold him until her next assesment so i got to hold him for almost 2 hours... I know that heavenly father had heard my plee & felt my pain to hold him & he made it all possible through a kind & sensitive nurse... It was such a tender mercy & one i will never forget.

Alvin had to hold all the cords so they wouldnt fall out....


  1. I was so happy when you told me you were able to hold him its such an amazing feeling and I can not wait till you get to hold him in your arms again. I love you all so much!

  2. What a precious baby! My heart goes out to the three of you. I love your latest post, you really have a couragous and faithful attitude, I am proud of you. It is wonderful you are writing all of this down. It will be important as time goes on for you to be able to look back and read and feel your testimony and remember all the blessings you are recieving....Isn't prayer wonderful! I am convinced it is the best gift that others can give to us, and I know you can feel it when they do.. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  3. Jessica I know i haven't had the opportunity to meet you. But all my family has a special love for Alvin and of course for you and your baby. I just want to tell you that you are an amazing mother, and my eyes fill up with tears of happiness just because i know that heavenly father is listening everyone prayers and you had the opportunity to hold your baby. You guys are great parents and a good example to all of us.

  4. My heart goes out to all of you. I know how tough it can be on your family.... I remember seeing Sarai's baby, Celetse, with all those cords and Sarai not being able to hold her baby. It's a tough thing to deal with. I don't know how people with out the gospel can deal with these types of things. I continue to pray for all of you.

  5. Isnt it amazing how Heavenly Father works?! It was so good to be able to see you guys and little Lewis this weekend. We are so happy that he is progressing so well. He is one good looking kid! Let me know when you need me to come visit again when Alvin heads back to work. We're thinking and praying for you guys all the time!

  6. I am so happy that you got to hold him. He is such a cute little guy. Love him.