Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 years together....

Today Alvin & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. we cant believe how fast time has gone by & that we have been married that long. of course we couldnt do much to celebrate since we have a baby but it was nice to sit at home & just be together as a family. Alvin is such a good dad to lewis. im amazed at how good he is with him. He isnt afraid to hold him or change his diapers. He is always soo helpful when he gets home from work & will feed lewis & give him his daily bath. the nice thing is i never have to ask him he will just jump right in and do it. These past few months have been hard for us with everything Lewis had to go through but they have brought us closer together as a couple & i am soo grateful for that. Im so thankful i have such a great companion to share my life with. I dont know what i would do without him in my life. so thanks for an amazing three years babe! i love you more than i ever thought possible! thanks for being an amazing husband & now an amazing father. everyday i just look at you & thank heavenly father for bringing us together. He knew what lied ahead for us & knew i couldnt go through it without you by myside. i love you Alvin Wilson Pease!!! Happy Anniversary!

This was right before he left for surgery.

now here we are today! lewis is getting soo big! he looks just like his dad.

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  1. Congratulations on 3 years! I can't believe it has been that long! You have the cutest little family! We enjoyed visiting you awhile back! We need to come say hi again. We love you guys!