Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Baby!

i had to put this picture of Lewis on the blog for everyone to see how happy he is! im so upset i didnt get a better picture but this was when he first woke up so it was all dark in the room. he has been smiling soo much these past few days. there is no better feeling when he looks at me & gets a big grin on his face!! it just makes my day....

here he is getting ready for his echo. these appointments can last over an hour.... he hates having to stay still for soo long & people pushing on his stomach & chest with their tools...

and here he is doing what babies do best. sleeping. i could just hold & stare at him all day...


  1. He is just SOOOO Cute!!! I can not wait to come over Im so happy to finally be healthy and in the clear so I can come hold on love on him and send you to your bedroom for a nap!! LOVE YOU

  2. WOW! I absolutly LOVE his hugemongous smile.

  3. Jess~

    He is so dang beautiful!! I need a Lewie fix!!! Hopefully we will get to come see you soon!! Sure do love you guys...please tell Alvie I said hello and give that baby a kiss from his Auntie Tiffie!!!

  4. He is so adorable!! glad he is doing so Good!

  5. Awww so cute! What a cute smile!! I'm happy for you guys!!

  6. Cute cute cute!! There is nothing more exciting than those smiles!