Tuesday, May 26, 2009


my dad wrote the sweetest poem the day after Lewis was born. He was having a hard time sleeping & this is what came of it... I still cry when i read it. It brings back all the emotions of when he was born & preparing for his surgery. Lewis is now 3 months old & i feel so bleesed to have him in my life. I hold him close everyday & thank my Heavenly Father to still have him here. i trace that little scare down his chest & think of all he/we have been through. He has changed my life for the better & taught me things i never thought i would have to learn. thanks Lewis for the Best 3 months of my life! we HEART you!!

This was taken last week when i was up north visiting. Emma (my lil sis) and me were having some fun with Lewis. GOT MILK?

Dad & Lewis...

Heavenly father has sent us today this little bundle of joy-
to remind us of the sacredness of life and how in Gods service we are all employed.

Every day, minute, and second you are here is Gods gift to us-
we lovingly cherish each moment and in Him we put our trust.

Against all odds your tiny heart beats true-
we have witnessed the Lords tender mercies being manifest through you.

Running, walking and smiling I can see for you on the distant horizon-
because you see my son you have been blessed with the heart of a Lion.

Together Forever our family will be-
our circle of Love is mom, dad and now Lil Louie.


  1. I LOVE the poem - we all know where he gets that talent from:) It was so good to FINALLY hold that little one. He is amazing. I am so thankful to be a witness of it all. He is truly a MIRACLE. What a sweet mommy you are, enjoy every minute because they grow so fast. Love Ya Tons!!

  2. Wow...and i thought i was good at poems...lol that was so sweet! Glad to hear everything is going so well! Its amazing how much something so small and innocent can teach us so much! Love ya! Hanna

  3. I can't even see the keyboard to type!! what a beautiful poem and what a true miracle that little boy is!! So glad we got to be apart of it! Sure do love you and your sweet little family!! It was so good to spend some time with you while you were here! Love ya girl!