Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trip to Kingman again!!!

so we came back to kingman for mothers day weekend. Alvin was nice enough to let me stay for the rest of the week. My awesome mother in law is taking us to meet alvin half way today once he gets off work. it was soo nice to get some sleep. i would take care of Lewis during the night & my mother in law Delon would come get him around 5 in the morning so i could get more sleep. Lewis has been waking up every 2 hours to eat so it makes for a pretty exhausting night. i think he is just trying to make up for lost time. he is getting bigger by the second. his legs are filling out quit nicely. He is just the best baby. he hardly ever cries & is always smiling & cooing. He is just growing up too fast. he is almost 3 months old. i wish time would slow down...
anyway Lewis is having a blast being in kingman. he is passed from one aunt to the other & the girls are constantly complaining that its there turn to hold Lewis. we just aww at every little thing he does. He brings soo much happiness to our family! here are a few of the many pictures that were taking this week....

Mom & Dad took all us couples out for dinner. it was soo nice to get out!!

we sure have missed Alvin these past couple of days. Thanks babe for working soo hard to provide for our family. if anyone deserves a vacation from work its you..

Here is Lewis winking at the camera...

he is just soo beautiful. its hard not to kiss all over him when he is sleeping.

Lewis with grandma Pease.

Kiss #999 of the day... haha. he sure does love his grandma.

Myreel was just as tired as Lewis.

Here are a few of my favorite pics that were taking...he always raises his eyebrows all funny.

such a cutie.

kiss #1000 of the day. Aunt camilla is soo good with Lewis. talk about a natural. love Lewis's face...

To infinite & beyond!!!

He kicks soo much now. he just cant hold still. he is constantly hitting himself in the face with his hands. he is just out of control!!!

Kendra kissing on Lewis. She is soo adorable. i think Lewis looks a little like her.

aunt Delon with baby Lewis. doesnt get much cuiter than this!

Aunt Camilla & Lewis. she takes such good care of him.

Uncle Devin & Lewis. he is soo good with him. he loves his uncle dev.

the aunties with lewis. he sure does get alot of attention while he is here.


  1. Oh my heck I know I say this EVERY time I comment but he is so stinkin' cute! He is growing up so fast, isn't it sad? It is kinda bittersweet cuz the older they get the funner they get. He is so smiley and so happy. He definitely has plenty of aunts and uncles to spoil him rotten :) Glad to hear you got a little break. Hope you had a fabulous first Mother's Day :) We love you guys. Can't wait to see you next weekend.

  2. The pics are adorable. I can't believe how big he is getting. The Slade fam is super excited to FINALLY get to meet him this next week. We send our love and give him a big kiss for us!!

  3. So glad you got to get away and have some help!! Alvin's family is AMAZING!! Can't wait to get to whip him this coming week!! Sure do love you guys!

  4. Cute as a button!! I love family get-togethers!

  5. Jess, he is ADORABLE!!!! The last time i saw him his little chest was still open in the hospital and now he is kickin and smilin!!! I can't wait to see him when you come up!

  6. Lewis is so cute and so happy! I love all the pictures and we are so glad to hear he is doing so well... Sleep is overrated