Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 months

Lewis is 4 months old today. why does time have to go by so quick? Lewis is getting too big. He rolled over for the first time last week. his personality is coming out more & more each day. He is soo happy all the time. unless you wake him up from a nap. he is soo like his dad in every way. He had an echocardiogram (aka echo) today. He had no meds in him & he is doing soo well. there are still a few issues but nothing to be too concerned about right now. He will most likely have a minor surgery when he is 1 years old. His cardiologist said there is a 1 in 5 chance of him having to have a open heart surgery again. i sure hope he wont ever have to go through that again. im soo attached to him now i think it would be alot harder than the first time. we are just trying to be positive about everything. i try not to think a whole lot about the future. the other day Alvin said what i have been wondering for a long time... he said i wonder how long Lewis will live, how long his little heart & repairs will hold up. i hate thinking about that & i hate to think what life would be like without him here. i just need to put all that aside & enjoy every minute of every day i have with him. he is a miracle & he has brought me soo much joy & happiness. i have learned soo much about what is important in life. what truely matters. this is an experience i wouldnt trade for anything.
anyway enough of that. Here is a pic of Lewis at the drs. today. He was soo good. he only cried for about 15 minutes during his echo & they worked on him for well over an hour. getting him to hold still is pretty much impossible. he is always kicking & his arms are all over the place!

He loves to do tummy time. ever since he figuered out how to roll over he loves it. He is also starting to drewl (sp)

He is always smiling. i love that about him. everytime he smiles i have to smile with him.. its contagious

MOM & DAD LOVE YOU LEWIS!!! thanks for the best 4 months of our lives!! xoxo

so i just turned around after posting this & Lewis was asleep in his swing holding his chewy. i couldnt resist another picture. gosh i love him.


  1. He is so dang beautiful!! And you know what?...the last picture of him sleeping I actually see a little of you in him!!! love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Hi Jessica, I just wanted to tell you and Alvin that Lewis is soooo cute and I feel soo much love for him (even though I don't know him) I feel like I know him. It makes me happy to see him smiling. He is a blessing. That's nice he loves his tummy time. Lewis is very lucky to have such a great parents!! Say Hi to Alvin from me and my family!

  3. SO stinkin' cute! That's so great that he is rolling over. London seems SO far away from that! That's great news that there is a good chance he won't need another open heart surgery. It's awful going through it the 2nd time. And, I can't believe your husband shaved it head!!! Too funny! Keep up the good work Lewis!

  4. Hey women! Lewis looks awesome! Grant has to get an echo tomorrow and we hope it goes well!! It is rough having a sick baby...I know how you feel, we get discouraged at times but know that everything happens for a reason we have learned so much! Our little guys are champs! We will be praying for him! Oh and I also know what its like to have a kid/kids that look just like there daddy!! Just not fair!

  5. Me alegra mucho saber de ti y de tu familia. Espero que no hayas olvidado el español. Yo tengo dos niñas y tienes razon, sus sonrisas son contagiosas...
    No más que decir: Felices-freaking-dades...
    Dame tu dirección para mandarte la colección de Les Luthier... :)

  6. Aww. Happy four month birthday Lewis! We are so happy you are here and that you are such a strong and happy little boy.

    Jess- he is so sweet. It is so exciting to hear all the great things he is accomplishing and how well he is doing. He is adorable, and I love seeing his smile, you are so right... it is contagious. We love him and we love you guys. Can't wait to see you again, hope it's soon :)

  7. He is such a cutie and a little miracle! What a blessing to have him so healthy and doing so well! Enjoy every SECOND. Love ya girlie.

  8. he really is so darn cute. and he looks like he is so happy all the time. what a blessing! he's an amazing little man. :)