Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so Alvin decided the other day that he didnt want to be the only one in the family with no hair so he decided, on his own, that he was going to shave Lewis's hair off. So he took him in the bathroom, locked the door just in case i came downstairs, and shaved his head. once he finished he brought him upstairs where i was and i didnt notice at first cuz he has always been bald in the front then he turned him around & i noticed all his hair was gone... Alvin said "now we are really twins" i just died laughing... he looks cute with our without his hair, but ill admit i do miss the little hair he had. i wish i had pics that showed Lewis with hair but i couldnt find any. i guess i wasnt expecting it to all be gone just like that but i guess i never know whats gonna happen with Alvin as my hubby.

the back of his head.

he is pretty dang cute all a little old man.

this is the mess i found downstairs in the bathroom. i didnt realize how much hair he had till i saw it all on the towel.

Lewis loves his swing now. he will just sit there and coo at the little animals on the mobile. he is such a happy smiley baby. and look at how fat he is getting. He is finally starting to fill out. we meet with his cardiologist on the 24th to have an echo & see how he is doing without being on Viagra (aka sildenifil). they told me last appointment that Lewis will have to have a surgery when he is around 1 year of age. luckily they said it most likely wont be open heart surgery again so that was great news. i dont think i could stand to see Lewis go thru all that again. we are grateful every day for the progress he has made & continues to make. he is such a JOY to have in our family. i dont know what i would do without him. everyday i smile & laugh because of him. im so grateful & blessed that i didnt have to go back to work & leave Lewis. i dont want to miss a thing in this little boys life.

Lewis is such a chill baby. i just hope his eyes stay blue!!

doing tummy time on daddys chest. he loves his Dad!

they have the same wrinkley forhead. i love how they are making the same face in this pic. i just LOVE my boys & cant get enough of um.


  1. Lewis looks great bald! He is so cute! Sounds like you guys are doing great...we still need to get together sometime! Love ya...

  2. I like how they both have the same wrinkles on the forhead! ha ha

  3. They are twins!! Both of them are too adorable!!

  4. Man he is so cute! I'm talking about Lewis, but Alvin is cute too! I cant wait to see him. When we get back I promise to get with you guys so I can kiss on that beautiful boy!! (again I am talking about Lewis) :D Love you guys!