Wednesday, July 15, 2009

never do that again....

this morning i was peacefully sleeping when Alvin came running thru the door. He yelled "Jessie somethings wrong with the baby" (he had taken the baby from me this morning so i could get a few more hours of sleep) so the way he said it totally freaked me out & i got out of bed faster than a bullet coming out of the barrel. Alvin ran out of the room & i ran out after him downstairs where the baby was. i get to the middle of the stairs & see the baby smiling away bouncing in his bouncer... i was a little upset to say the least that Alvin had done that. i thought my worst nightmare was coming true & something was wrong with Lewis. i was getting ready to dial 911 thinking something was truely wrong. so what was the real reason Alvin got me out of bed like that? He had made me a big breakfast to surprise me with the sweetest note. Where he got the idea to wake me up that way i have no idea. i was literally sick to my stomach after he did that. i told him he was no longer allowed to ever do that to me unless it was really an emergency. but i at least have to tell Alvin thanks for the breakfast & sweet note. he sure does keep things interesting around here. I LOVE him more than words could ever say (yes i love him even when he does things like that to me).

its so nice to get notes like this every once in a while. i like to keep them out so i can read them everyday... it helps me remember that my hubby loves & appreciates everything i do. Thanks babe! xoxo

i have to admit i LOVE being a stay at home mom. taking care of Lewis is the best job. being a mother is better then i ever could of dreamed. i feel so blessed to stay home with him.
here we are watching one of our favorite shows Phineas & Ferb

this show is soo cute. its hillarious & whenever its on Lewis will just sit & chill with me on the couch. am i soo lame that i love the disney channel? i know im too old but i cant help but love Hannah Montana, Suite life on Deck, wizard of waverly place, etc.... i like Miley cyrus & all her music. i think thats a sign that i need to get out more or something. anyone up for a playdate with me & Lewis??

Also ive been trying to excersize everyday & its soo hard for me to stay inside & excersize. anyone have any suggestions on what i should do for workouts. im going crazy doing the same workout videos day after day. i can only do turbo jam & the firm soo much before it gets old. i wish it wasnt soo dang HOT so i could go running outside but that wont happen for a long time.. anyway i would love any suggestions on what works for you.


  1. oh my goodness! that was really sweet, but i don't blame you a bit for feeling sick. that's got to be any mother's worst fear. and as for disney channel....i LOVE all those shows. i'll leave it on after the boys cartoons are over and secretly i do enjoy it. i get teased a lot for this but i figure it's better than half the garbage on the other channels. :)

  2. how cute!! I love when Mike does stuff like that! far as working out goes I feel your pain...I think I want to start yoga!! I heard its great!

  3. That's a mean joke! LOL...I would say and have good exercises. I get the inserts out of both magazines and try them.

  4. I'm kind of lauging, but want to hurt Alvin at the same time!!! I think I would have beat the crap out of him:0) You sure do have an amazing husband though! As far as the work out goes...try staying at home & eating some chocolate, that always works for me:) I would love a play date with you and Lewis!! i will have to admit that I too like some of those shows, but as far as Miley Cyrus goes...I would rather listen to my kids fighting ALL day than listen to her. You defintely need to get out:o) I love you!

  5. If you want some company, my boys LOVE Phineas and Ferb! They'd watch it all day if I let them (they are pretty much Disney channel junkies). Oh, and your hubby has an interesting way of telling you that he loves you! LOL! All in good fun I guess (but I might have slapped my hubby if he did that to me)!!!