Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun at the Cabin

July 24-29 we were able to go to the cabin up in the Graham mountains. its always a blast to be at the cabin. we would have stayed a whole week if we could have. the weather especially was perfect... when we left the mountains to come home it was a cool 77 degrees. we enjoyed playing lots of card games & of course a few games of aquire. We all had so much fun playing sardines in the tall ferns. it was just play play play all day long. Lewis especially loved it because he gets spoiled by his aunts whenever we are with them. the only time i got to hold him was at night when everyone was asleep.

Jocelyn did my hair one day & Alvin decided he wanted to bleach his hair. it was pretty funny...

Aunt Jocelyn & Lewis. Jocelyn is soo good with Lewis. she even watched him during the night one night so i could get an undisturbed sleep. it was soo incredibly nice.

Lewis & cards

we start them young in our family

soo adorable.

Lewis with great grandma Lewis. he loves her voice & would just stare up at her

The whole gang at dinner. My brother Chace was able to come with us. it was fun having him there. He is such a fun person to be around.

playing games with Grandma Lewis

Lewis with Grandpa Pease

Lewis in his cute little beanie.

Lewis with Aunt Kendra

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