Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 months old

my baby isnt soo much a baby anymore. its really fun to see him grow & learn new things but sometimes i wish it didnt have to happen soo fast. here are a few new things about Lewis.

-He loves to sit up. he cant sit up on his own yet but he is soo close. i think within a week or two he will be doing it all be himself.

-He can roll over soo fast. he has now figured out how to roll back & forth so he can start out at one side of the room & end at the other. it wont be too long before he is crawling.

-We started feeding him rice cereal. he doesnt soo much like it. basically it goes in the mouth & right out. he is more interested in grabbing the spoon or bowl. feeding him always results in a huge mess...

-He still isnt sleeping through the night. anyone have any suggestions of how to make him sleep at least a full 6-8 hours long. rather than 3-4. im ready to get a good full nights sleep.

-he is still a happy smiley baby. he hardly ever cries. he is just soo relaxed & easy going. i just love playing with him & making him laugh. i could do that all day if i could.

-He is a strong little guy. he can stand on one leg & would stand all day long if i held him up. he is just solid. He weighs 13 &1/2 pounds.

-He recently found his feet & plays with them all day. we have caught him eating them a few times too.

he is crazy & i have to watch him close now since he can do things like this...

-He loves to chew on anything & everything. he also drolls everywhere..

Lewis. i love you more & more each day. you make me laugh & smile everyday no matter what. i know i can count on you to make me happy & brighten my day. i fell so blessed to stay at home with you & take care of you everyday. We are soo blessed to have dad support us in me staying home. he has a big responsibility to provide for us. he would do anything for you & i love watching his face light up when he sees you & you give him a big smile & laugh. we are soo blessed to have you in our lives. everday you are here is a huge reminder of the blessing we have been giving. you remind me to do what is right & to be obiedient in keeping the commandments so we can live worthy of you. you have been through more than i have been through in my whole life. you are a fighter & i will forever be grateful for you life. you have a special mission here on earth & im happy to be your mother. all my love. mom.


  1. WOW!! Now that I am bawling!! What an amazing little boy, with amazing parents!! Can't believe he is already 6 months old!! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!!!!!

  2. Our Boys are growing up way to fast. He looks beautiful, I am glad he is doing so good, good luck on the whole getting some more sleep at night. Quinn was like that to. Miss ya

  3. WOW - 6 months old!!! He is such a miracle and I love that he is doing so well. I love reading your blog - you are amazing!!

  4. I can not believe how handsome he is. He and Emmi weigh the same and she is 2 months old. I have been using this book called "becomming baby wise." Emmi has been sleeping thru the night since she was 1 month old, I owe it to this book, it is all about how to schedule them so that they eat during the day and sleep during the night. Call me if you have questions. I miss you guys and I cant wait to see Lewis again.

  5. Definitely try the BabyWise approach. Molly is just few weeks younger then Lewis and she's been sleeping through the night since 4 months. Love to read your blog. The Pease Family holds a special place in my heart. :-)