Friday, September 4, 2009

favorite pics of Lewis this week & my work out partner

I have to share my 2 favorite photos of Lewis this week. All the sudden he is growing soo fast. he is all over the place & wont ever hold still unless he is eating. He is soo fun. i weighed him the other day & he weighs 15 pounds. just like 2 weeks ago he was 13 &1/2. he loves to be on the ground & even though he cant crawl yet he goes round & round in circles & can go backwards but not forwards. enjoy these adorable pics!
oh he is soo adorable when he is sleeping..

he loves to sit up all the time. he is rarely happy if i lay him down. isnt he the cutest. i love his fuzzy hair & the droll coming out the mouth..

so im in the process of training for a Triathalon in Novemeber so i have been hitting the pool 2 times a week to work on swimming. im an aweful swimmer & i know swimming will be my biggest challenge. anyway the other day i was swimming when i noticed something swimming in the water. it was a little mouse! eww. he was just swimming around like crazy & was soo quick it took me like 5 minutes just to get the stupid thing outta the pool. i got my shoe & followed it around trying to flick it out of the water but everytime i tried it would swim away... eventually i got it out & it ran off. i think i need to take some lesson from that mouse because he was a way better swimmer than i. you can barely see him in this pic.. but i had to share anyway.


  1. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! Lewis is getting SO big and is SO adorable!! And about the mouse...NASTY!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Jesse! Lewis is such a cutie! And I can't believe you found a rat in the pool! So gross!!! I am happy you are training! You will do great! We really need to get together! We miss you guys!

  3. Hi Jesse - I check in on your blog from time to time to check out your cute little miracle! He is adorable and I am happy he has done and is doing so good!! I would love to hear what triathlon you are doing in November. I am training for a mini triathlon in October and know I will be needing something else to work towards or I'll quit the training craziness as soon as this one is over. Please let me know. THANKS!!!!!