Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kingman visit

August 11th-18th:
Lewis & I were soo lucky to come up to Kingman & spend a whole week with the Pease family. My in-laws had a funeral on Aug 11th in phoenix so they just took Lewis & I home with them. We have been soo spoiled while we have been here & didnt want to leave of course. Lewis has been kissed on & held 24-7. he is one lucky boy to have such good aunts that love on him & take such good care of him.
the first night we were there we needed a center piece at dinner so we decided to put lewis on the spinny thing. it was hillarious.

Wednesday the 12th we went to St George utah to see Annie the play. A lady in their ward had given them free tickets & they even had an extra one so i got to go. It was such a good play & we have been singing the songs from Annie all week long. Lewis was a little champ at the play and never cried once. He would just stand on Myreel's or my lap & watch the play.

Myreel & Lewis

Camilla & Lewis

Delon & Lewis

so happy

my little Mozart.

rock on dude.

he loves to sit up now.

we got some swim shorts for Lewis but they were 18 months & he didnt quite fill them out.

oh my goodness. what are you people doing to me!!!
excuse me professor

he feel asleep while holding myreels necklace.
isnt he soo handsome.
i could just kiss that face all day
seriously. whats not to LOVE?
Lewis's twin.
pretty boy. he is always being called a girl when we go out. even though he is always in BLUE. come on people. he is a BOY!
Myreel & Me. it was soo fun hanging with her & Julianne. we did p90x everyday & laughed LOTS. i miss you girls.

We have been swimming almost everyday & Lewis just loves the water. They had a little blow up seat for him & he was just loving that.
A few of us swimming. Me, Lewis, Devin, little Delon, Kendra & Camilla

kinda a creepy face. but hillarious at the same time. you can tell how much he loves the water! im Lewis. king of the pool. and theres nothing you guys can do about it..


  1. Ok! he is getting so big and I can hardly wait for our lunch together on Thursday. We live way to close to only see each other every 4 months. He is adorable and you are such a good mom! see ya soon.

  2. will you please come steal me the next time you go to Kingman!!! You have the most awesome inlaws! Little mr. Lewis is just getting too big!!! Kiss him for auntie tiffi!