Friday, August 21, 2009

Angel Ethan

i just read on Ethan's blog that he passed away today. Heidi was such a good friend to our family while we were at st joes. She was such a great example to me. i remember the first time we meet her & we told her Lewis was our first. she said "i know going through this with your first probably scares you to death to have more kids but dont be scared"... she is such an example to me of having faith. My thoughts & prayers are with the skidmore family today as they say goodbye to little Ethan. He went through soo much the 6 months he was here. Please say a prayer for the skidmore family. even if you dont know them.. i know soo many people prayed for Lewis that i didnt know & that helped get us through everything. so please say a little prayer for the sweet skidmore family.

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