Saturday, August 22, 2009

more pics from the cabin....

Lewis loved the walk.

he loved it soo much he was asleep after the first 5 minutes.

daddy & lewis. i love these 2.

dad & devin. devin had just fallen down a ledge. it was pretty scary but he was ok & was able to walk back to the cabin.

Grandma pease with Lewis. he always grabs the persons shirt thats holden him like that right before he goes to sleep.

baby Delon & dad

Alvin cooling off.

Camilla & Me. love her.

Chizzy taking a break. we did a hardcore hike just to get to the cave. yes his shirt is drenched in sweat.

the gang. camilla. delon. kendra. myreel. me & chace

i cant wait till next years cabin trip. i wish we could go more than once a year... next year will be alot different since Lewis will be 1 years old. i have a feeling he is going to be a handful.

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