Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day

we had such a blast over Labor day. we went up north to Heber to spend time with the Tenney family. Amanda & david blessed their little guy on sunday so we couldnt miss out on that. Kolten is the cutest baby! its going to be so fun when lewis & him get older & can play together. they are only like 3 months apart. Lewis better start growing though because kolten is already as big as him. just look at what a cutie Kolten is. i could just kiss on him all day!

the weather up there was awesome! i enjoyed riding bikes with my mom, amanda & david. my mom is crazy in shape & i hate to admit that she is in better shape then me. she is training for a 10k run up in pinetop & she has to run up hill for like a mile. i just love working out with my madre! i hope i look as good as her when i grow up! seriously she is beautiful. inside & out. i love this picture of her & my dad.

we got family pictures since we had all the family there. My amazing amazing aunt Tiff took them. she did an awesome job & is soo fun. i just love her. ya hear that aunt tiffy. i flippin LOVE YA! seriously i dont think i could say that enough. anyway here are some of the pics she took. (she also took the one of kolten & my parents thats above)
my little sister Maryssa. soo beautiful & grown up.. i cant believe she is old enough to start wearing makeup...

sisters make the best of friends. seriously i love these girls soo much.

kimmy! she is playing for chandler/gilbert again this year! hopefully they will kick some butt this year!

me with my 2 favorite guys in the whole wide world! they are so ridiciously good looking.

the whole tenny family!

monday we got to shuck about 1000 ears of corn. seriously there was soo much corn. it was a good thing we had alot of people helping or it would have taken a week to do all that work. my aunt tiffs kids were amazing. i think they worked harder than i did & they didnt stop till all the corn was done. here are some pics to show just how much corn we had.

alvin & i shucking away. dont mind my uglyness. i just ran 2 miles so im all red.
the truck filled with corn. we already had done a bunch when this pic was taken.
the boys canning!

this is Quin. he is pretty much the cutest little boy ever.
the boys hard at work.
look at all those kids helping! they were all soo good..
grandpa working away! love him.
this is my aunt tiffs boy miles. seriously look at that face! she has the cutest kids.

eating the corn! it was delicious.


  1. AHHHHH Jess...I love you too!! More than you will ever know! It was so good to see you guys and to spend time with all of you. Your family was a blast to take pics of! It was good to see you again last night. I hope you know I consider you and your sisters, not only my nieces, but some of my closest friends!!!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! I love the one of all you girls and then the BIG family picture is so good too! HOT HOT HOT!! :)