Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my baby is 9 months today.

i cant believe my baby is getting so big. he is just the sweetest little guy. i have soo enjoyed these past 9 months. we have been threw alot together but thats what makes every little second with lewis special. i know he is here for a special reason & i just hope i can be the bestest mom to him. he has already taught me soo many things. things i thought i never would have or want to learn but boy is he worth it. He brings so much joy & laughter to our family. every day is a good day because we have him in our home. enjoy these pictures of my little man. he is the cutest little guy & these pictures prove it...

playing with dad..

say cheese!
he loves to sit on top of the couch & slide down. he thinks its soo fun!
loves bath time. he would stay in there for an hour if i let him. he is always mad when i take him out.
he is everywhere. he learned how to climb onto things & he loves to climb on the dishwasher & get the silverware.

checking himself out..

he destroyed a piece of bread.
so fun & happy.
me & my little guy. happy 9 months Lewis. your parents LOVE you. xoxoXOXO

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  1. He is such a cute baby. love his big smile :)Congrats on his 9 months!!!