Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great thanksgiving. Thanks to the Pease family who came to phoenix so we would be able to be with them on thanksgiving. Alvin had to work so we werent going to be able to be with them but they sacrificed for us & had it here. we did everything at Branson & tiffs new home. it was perfect! thanks so much Pease fam. for having it here so we could be apart of all the celebrations. We had so much fun shopping, being together, watching movies & of course all the yummy food. i ate way to much.

i am soo grateful for such an amazing husband. we have had a great year & have been soo blessed. i am grateful for the job he has & that i am able to stay at home with Lewis. i am also grateful for our temple marriage & the blessing that has been in our life.

we were able to go to the temple with all the endowed members in the pease family. it was so nice to be there with family. dang my hubby is HOT!

i am soo grateful for the miracle of little Lewis. not a day goes by that i dont realize what a miracle & blessing he is. he brings us such JOY.

the Alvin Pease family on thanksgiving day!

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  1. You guys are at the TOP of my THANKFUL list!! Love you and kiss that baby for me:)